PSU ECE Tutors:


Cody Gabriel

My name is Cody Gabriel. I was raised in the Oregon City/Canby area before serving 5 years in the United States Marine Corps where I was an electronics technician fixing ground communications gear and worked in maintenance management for a communications unit. I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA and served two tours in Iraq. I have been a student at PSU for a year now and am pursuing a electrical engineering degree with a minor in physics. I look forward to tutoring for the ECE department at PSU.




Andy Goetz

Andy Goetz is a Portland native, finishing up his BS in Computer Engineering at PSU. He spent some time at Oregon State, before realizing the food is way better in Portland. His focus is on embedded systems and digital logic. However, he should be able to help you with 200 level circuits courses, as he vaguely remembers Kirchoff's laws.




Eric Krause

My name is Eric Krause. I'm the newest tutor, so new that I don't have an actual bio up here. Noah got bored one afternoon and wrote this for me while I'm getting around to sending him mine. In the meantime, here are some things that are almost certainly untrue about me. While studying to be an astronaut in the Portuguese military, I accidentally invented the color mauve, then used the billions and billions of dollars I made to move to Portland, build a time machine, go back in time, write "The Naked Lunch" while Burroughs was on a bender, travel back to the present, star in a reality TV show titled, "Fake Mustaches: the Lifestyle", then enroll as a graduate student here at Portland State. My true talents lie in the field of underwater quantum basket weaving, but I'm also pretty good with all of this Verilog stuff, so please hit me up with questions from your computer engineering courses.




Cameron Tribe

My name is Cameron Tribe, I am 20 years old and live in the town of Damascus, OR. I am a second year ECE student, and have not decided yet on my focus of study, but I am considering Electromagnetics. I plan to also graduate with a minor in Mathematics. I currently have no related job experience, but I do plan on applying for internships for this coming summer. Outside of school my hobbies are hiking, riding motorcycles, and fishing. In the summer, I run a photo booth at weddings on the weekends.




Nicole Zimmerman

Nicole Zimmerman is currently a junior working towards her Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering. She is looking forward to a career in the power industry. She is interested in formulating solutions to the challenges that renewable energy sources pose to the power grid, as well as the integration of smart grid technology. Nicole plans to remain at PSU to earn her Master's Degree in this research field. Tutoring offers her practice in communicating technical ideas to others. When she's not studying, she enjoys participating in K-12 outreach activities to inspire the next generation of engineers, creating Asian curry blends, and building the Lego universe with her two boys.